This first volume of yellowfields print Overburden features artist texts;

  • From flesh to bone by Eleanor Duffin ,
  • Quantum Ghost by Libita Sibungu,
  • Why I look into this glass by Abigail Reynolds,
  • We Stand at the Threshold by Olivia Jones
  • Curatorial essay Overburden by Elisa Kay.
  • Connected through the notions of natural environments and the earth as an inspiration, a history and material, this critical group delves into ideas around ways of looking, geography, migration, geology and extractivism.

    An online presentation host by Obsidian Coast, featuring moving image and sound works linked to the publication, will launch Thursday 5 - Sunday 8 November 2020. Some of the artists will gather with Georgia Hall and Elisa Kay for an online discussion on Saturday 7 November at 4 - 5 pm. Please find the full programme, reading list and biographies here.

    This presentation showcases the following works;

  • Notes for a song by Libita Sibungu, audio work, 10 minutes, adapted research notes from, Quantum Ghost, 2019
  • The Bird with the Human Tongue by Eleanor Duffin, audio work, 15.18 mins.
  • Kelp Assembly by Abigail Reynolds and Clare Tavernor. Film documentary of the Kelp Glass Project 2019, shown in relation to the essay Why I look into this glass 2019 by Abigail Reynolds, edited by Lizzie Lloyd.
  • Of the earth by Olivia Jones, 2019. Looped film.
  • Whisper, the Waves, the Wind (1983-84) Suzanne Lacy and Sharon Allen, film, 28.25 minutes. Selected by curator Elisa Kay, shown in response to her essay Overburden, 2020, commissioned by Georgia Hall to explore the themes and ideas within the work of participating artists.
  • If you would like to join the conversation, please RSVP by email to hello.yellowfields@gmail.com to receive the event link on the day.

    The discussion will be hosted and recorded on Zoom. All levels of participation are warmly welcomed. You can join the conversation by speaking or typing, or simply observe in the background – whatever you feel most comfortable with.

    Your camera and microphone will be turned off upon joining and we request that everyone only turns their microphone on if they choose to speak.